Ministers must not ignore public on trans issues

By ignoring opposition to “gender ideology” the govt is making the same mistake it did with the hated named person policy On Wednesday, the Scottish government announced that it will be taking the UK government to court over its block on controversial Holyrood legislation designed to liberalise the process for changing legal sex. The GenderContinue reading “Ministers must not ignore public on trans issues”

The gender law is a democratic failure

There you have it. After years of heated debate both inside and outside Holyrood, the Scottish Government’s gender law has been passed. This afternoon, after a marathon Stage 3 debate, 86 MSPs gave final assent to the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. 39 voted against. In a few months, barring a legal challenge, people agedContinue reading “The gender law is a democratic failure”

There’s worse to come in Scotland than the Hate Crime Bill

The Scottish Government has courted controversy with its social policy agenda: sweeping hate crime legislation, and gender recognition changes that undermine women’s rights. But what’s coming down the tracks at Holyrood looks even more troubling. In fact, the next item on the agenda could be one of the most controversial seen since devolution. Following activists’ demands, politicians’ promisesContinue reading “There’s worse to come in Scotland than the Hate Crime Bill”

Scotland’s reckless gender bill

Unnecessary, unworkable, and unpopular laws have become a bad habit for Scotland’s “progressive” establishment. In the last decade, political elites have cooked up various, ill-devised initiatives in consultation with their chic coterie of allies in the Holyrood bubble. There was the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act – famously described as “mince” by one Sheriff and repealed afterContinue reading “Scotland’s reckless gender bill”

Scotland can do better than ‘assisted dying’

On Monday this week, the politician behind plans to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland confirmed that his member’s bill has achieved sufficient support to progress in the Scottish Parliament. The Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill is now set to be considered by Holyrood’s Health Committee. It’s the third time Scottish politicians haveContinue reading “Scotland can do better than ‘assisted dying’”

Shouldn’t Sandyford shut too?

We are sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience with us, please provide us with more feedback so we can do better in future. You may expect this kind of response from a hotel, or an airline, after you complain about shoddy service. But how would you feel if it was offered by a hospital, followingContinue reading “Shouldn’t Sandyford shut too?”

Stop meddling and focus on drugs

The alarming scale of drug-related deaths in Scotland has again been laid bare. 1,330 people lost their lives last year – nine less people than in 2020. The Scottish Government believes this is something of a victory. Its press release ‘welcomed an end to seven annual increases in drugs deaths’. I doubt the loved onesContinue reading “Stop meddling and focus on drugs”

Time to end downright discrimination in abortion laws

Disability rights campaigner Heidi Carter is spearheading a legal challenge against the British state over “discrimination” in abortion law. Heidi, who has Down’s Syndrome, says it’s wrong that legislation in England and Wales singles out people like her by permitting abortion up to birth if a baby is thought to have a disability. The legal limit for abortionContinue reading “Time to end downright discrimination in abortion laws”

Khan is wrong about cannabis

Sadiq Khan has announced a commission to examine the effectiveness of UK drugs laws, with a particular focus on cannabis. The Mayor of London, recently returned from a trip to California to promote investment in the capital after COVID-19, appears to believe legalising ‘weed’ could be part of ‘building back better’. The newly-appointed London Drugs Commission, chairedContinue reading “Khan is wrong about cannabis”

Time to tackle off the rails fans: P&J

Who among us has not encountered inconsiderate behaviour on a train? The man who insists on a loud phone call in the quiet coach. The woman tucking into an egg mayonnaise sandwich. The pensioner who has kicked off his shoes and socks. These behaviours are common, and annoying. We endure them, with a sigh. Sometimes,Continue reading “Time to tackle off the rails fans: P&J”