Nasty attacks on Kate Forbes achieve nothing

Several months have elapsed since Kate Forbes ran for leadership of the SNP. I imagine it has been a difficult period for her. Her bid to become SNP leader and First Minister went down like a cup of cold sick among Scotland’s cosmopolitan elite. Supposedly “liberal” figures suggested that Forbes had no right to becomeContinue reading “Nasty attacks on Kate Forbes achieve nothing”

Teaching students to think and debate helps society to flourish

A new essay competition gives undergraduates the chance to win £10,000 for arguing persuasively for and against the proposition: ‘transwomen are women’. The Edinlight Essay Prize, a project of the Edinburgh Enlightenment Network, aims to encourage students to develop valuable skills in critical thinking, clear reasoning and understanding competing viewpoints in a debate. In setting out the termsContinue reading “Teaching students to think and debate helps society to flourish”

Storm Babet destroyed homes like mine – we can’t allow this damage to happen again

On Friday October 20, I woke up early in a bed that wasn’t my own. My wife and I had decided to leave our house the previous evening due to Storm Babet flood warnings. Before we turned in for the night, we’d felt anxious but not panicked. Our home had never been affected by highContinue reading “Storm Babet destroyed homes like mine – we can’t allow this damage to happen again”

Christianity remains highly relevant in our politics

A recent poll for Holyrood magazine quizzed around a third of MSPs on their religious affiliation, and thoughts about faith within the political sphere. This snapshot of politicians’ views is fascinating. Just over half of the parliamentarians who responded cited a religious affiliation – 25 identified as Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian, or simply as Christian. OneContinue reading “Christianity remains highly relevant in our politics”

God is not indifferent to the Middle East conflict

People across the world are in shock after witnessing a devastating escalation in violence in Israel and Palestine. On Saturday, reports emerged describing a large scale incursion into Israel by Hamas terrorists – catching Israeli security forces off guard. Videos on social media showed bloodied bodies, Israeli civilians pursued in the streets by gunmen, andContinue reading “God is not indifferent to the Middle East conflict”

Russell Brand, symptom of the sexual revolution

Russell Brand is the focus of countless media outlets after the publication of an explosive joint investigation by Channel 4 Dispatches and the Sunday Times alleging rape, sexual assaults, and abuse against four women. The incidents described are alleged to have taken place at the height of his fame, between 2006 and 2013, and oneContinue reading “Russell Brand, symptom of the sexual revolution”

Letter: Yes, safeguards will fail

Sir – I wish to reiterate my conviction that safeguards in a Scottish assisted suicide law will fail. Not due to some baseless premonition, as Iain Stuart suggests (Letters, September 4), but rather due to logic – every human system inherently involves error, including healthcare. And because of evidence from Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, andContinue reading “Letter: Yes, safeguards will fail”

Letter: suicide is always a tragedy

Sir – I’m grateful to Moira Symons for taking the time to reply to my letter on assisted suicide (Show both sides of euthanasia debate, 17 August) and put forward her own views on this complex and emotive issue. I’ll begin my response on a point of agreement. I echo Ms Symons’ call for moreContinue reading “Letter: suicide is always a tragedy”

Fringe censors should trouble all of us

The Edinburgh Fringe is a world-renowned hub of artistic, literary, and theatrical expression. People from various industries appear at it to make a name for themselves, and tens-of-thousands of visitors descend on Edinburgh each year to enjoy its events. The Fringe is something to be proud of. It’s a boon to tourism, and Scotland’s internationalContinue reading “Fringe censors should trouble all of us”