‘No-fault’ divorce is not something to celebrate – The Critic

From Wednesday 6 April, “no-fault” divorces will be allowed in England and Wales. Under new legislation, brought forward by the ‘Conservative’ Government in 2020, a person will be able to simply walk away from their marriage, no reason given. Unilateral divorce on demand. Voices are now calling for this change to be rolled out acrossContinue reading “‘No-fault’ divorce is not something to celebrate – The Critic”

Scotland’s sex quiz for children

PARENTS in Scotland are raising concerns about a ‘Health and Wellbeing Census’ currently being conducted in schools. The ‘optional’ survey, designed by the Scottish Government and implemented by local authorities, quizzes children aged 14 and above about their experiences of sex. ‘With how many people have you had sexual intercourse?’ ‘When you had vaginal orContinue reading “Scotland’s sex quiz for children”

SNP-Green deal jeopardizes freedoms

On Friday, a power-sharing agreement between the SNP and the Scottish Green Party was announced. For the first time in UK history, Green party politicians will be ushered into government, with Scottish Green co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater handed cabinet positions. On paper, the ‘informal’ coalition is a means of achieving an official, pro-independence majority atContinue reading “SNP-Green deal jeopardizes freedoms”

Scotland’s controversial schools’ guidance on trans issues

In July 2016, the UK Supreme Court struck down the Scottish Government’s controversial named person policy in a seminal ruling. One widely-quoted line from this judgment notes: “The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get at the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinateContinue reading “Scotland’s controversial schools’ guidance on trans issues”

Holyrood can challenge ‘downright discrimination’ in abortion law – The Herald

Disability rights campaigner Heidi Crowter has launched legal proceedings against the UK Government to correct “discrimination” in UK abortion laws. The 26-year-old, who has Down’s Syndrome, argues that current legislation directly discriminates against people like her by permitting abortion up to birth if a baby is thought to have a disability. Of the law, HeidiContinue reading “Holyrood can challenge ‘downright discrimination’ in abortion law – The Herald”

Turning parents into criminals – Sp!ked

Scotland’s smacking ban came into force on Saturday 7 November. From now on, even the mildest physical discipline by parents – a tap on the hand or a smack on the bum – will be a criminal offence. There was no public clamour for this change in the law. It is not a response to some glaringContinue reading “Turning parents into criminals – Sp!ked”

Scotland’s smacking ban turns parents into criminals – Sp!ked

The Scottish parliament voted last week to outlaw parental smacking by a margin of 84 to 29. The result was unsurprising given the growing clamour for a ban among Scotland’s chattering classes in recent years. Green MSP John Finnie’s private member’s bill abolished the defence of ‘reasonable chastisement’. It won the support of individual politicians and, eventually,Continue reading “Scotland’s smacking ban turns parents into criminals – Sp!ked”

Smacking ban: Why MSPs are making a mistake if they approve it – The Scotsman

The Scottish Government recently announced a raft of measures to “further strengthen the family law system”. Community Safety Minister Ash Denham will take forward a ‘Family Justice Modernisation Strategy’, which sets out additional work to improve the operation of family justice through secondary legislation, guidance and longer-term work. Announcing the proposals, Ms Denham said “familyContinue reading “Smacking ban: Why MSPs are making a mistake if they approve it – The Scotsman”