End-of-life doctors won’t end lives

Data published this week deals a blow to campaigners vying for legal assisted suicide in Scotland. Survey results from the Association for Palliative Medicine (APM) suggest that most Scottish palliative doctors would refuse to participate in assisted deaths. Close to half of those surveyed also said they’d resign if their employer chose to offer assistedContinue reading “End-of-life doctors won’t end lives”

Against the assisted suicide Groundhog Day

Earlier today, it was announced that a parliamentary inquiry into assisted suicide will take place next year, with a particular focus on the experience of other countries that have introduced the practice. The Commons Health and Social Care Committee will hear evidence from doctors, campaigners, and the wider public before presenting a set of recommendationsContinue reading “Against the assisted suicide Groundhog Day”

Emmerdale’s twisted suicide plot

Viewers of the long-running ITV soap Emmerdale were subjected to uncharacteristically harrowing scenes last week. Thursday’s programme portrayed a character named Faith Dingle, who had been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer, taking her own life. In previous episodes, Faith had shared her fears about what dying from a terminal illness involves. The impetus for this plot couldn’tContinue reading “Emmerdale’s twisted suicide plot”

Scotland can do better than ‘assisted dying’

On Monday this week, the politician behind plans to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland confirmed that his member’s bill has achieved sufficient support to progress in the Scottish Parliament. The Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill is now set to be considered by Holyrood’s Health Committee. It’s the third time Scottish politicians haveContinue reading “Scotland can do better than ‘assisted dying’”

The troubling case of Graham Mansfield

The deeply upsetting case of a man who killed his terminally ill wife made headlines at the weekend. Graham Mansfield slit his wife Dyanne’s throat in their back garden before turning the knife on himself and ingesting drugs. He later called the police to turn himself in. Last week, he was told he will avoidContinue reading “The troubling case of Graham Mansfield”

Why parliamentarians should oppose the Assisted Dying Bill

In May this year, crossbench Peer Baroness Meacher lodged new legislation to usher in assisted suicide for adults in England and Wales who have a terminal illness. The ‘Assisted Dying Bill’ will have its Second Reading in the House of Lords on Friday 22 October 2021. His­tory of UK assisted sui­cide proposals Baroness Meacher’s BillContinue reading “Why parliamentarians should oppose the Assisted Dying Bill”

Better Way

In 2021, Jamie helped found Better Way, a campaign that opposes assisted suicide and champions safety, dignity and equality. It raises awareness of dangers associated with assisted suicide and euthanasia, shares testimonies from people who stand to be affected by a change in the law, and highlights positive, alternative ways to help people facing terminal illnesses.Continue reading “Better Way”

The eugenicist roots of the assisted-dying movement – Sp!ked

There are media double standards when it comes to the debate over assisted dying in Scotland. The press seems all too willing to target the beliefs of those opposed to assisted dying, yet unwilling to look too closely at the roots of those in favour of it. Why? Because they seem to think there is something suspiciously Christian aboutContinue reading “The eugenicist roots of the assisted-dying movement – Sp!ked”

Don’t legalise assisted suicide – The Critic

Fresh legislation will soon be brought forward at the Scottish Parliament to legalise assisted suicide or, as it is often, euphemistically called “assisted dying”. At Westminster, similar plans have already been lodged in private member’s legislation by Baroness Meacher. Jersey is also expected to pursue a change in the law. The liklihood of assisted suicideContinue reading “Don’t legalise assisted suicide – The Critic”