Jim Sillars, former SNP Deputy Leader and MP

“In the campaigns I was involved in with Jamie, opposition to the Named Person legislation and the Hate Crime Bill, his intelligence, integrity, imagination and commitment were central to the energy and direction of both. He has outstanding ability as an organiser, allied to a shrewd understanding of the political process.”

Dr Stuart Waiton, Senior Lecturer in sociology

“I have known Jamie for the best part of seven years through my involvement with camapigns against the Named Person Scheme and the Hate Crime Bill. He is a tireless campaigner with a knack for working well with others and dealing with those who disagree. He has a professionalism that is impressive and a style of campaigning that demonstrates insight and ingenuity.”

Hardeep Singh, Network of Sikh Orgs

“I worked with Jamie during his coordination of the Free to Disagree campaign. He is not only an excellent communicator – both in his written and oral presentation, but also a stategic thinker. I was particularly impressed with his grasp of complex legal issues, which he was able to simplify for our audience with clear, precise and easily understood language.”