Stormont’s shameful vote against disability rights

A remarkable vote took place in the Northern Ireland Assembly tonight – remarkable for all the wrong reasons. MLAs voted by a narrow majority, 45 to 43, to scrap legislation aimed at curbing disability discrimination in abortion law. A bill originally brought forward by recently-appointed First Minister Paul Givan would have ended a rule allowingContinue reading “Stormont’s shameful vote against disability rights”

Mastercard’s porn curbs are a step in the right direction – Christian Today

Global payment network Mastercard won wide approval last week for introducing new measures designed to punish unethical practices in the porn industry. Updated rules for banks mandate that before payments to porn websites are made, the provider must demonstrate that “clear, unambiguous and documented consent” was given for the scenes depicted. Sites will also beContinue reading “Mastercard’s porn curbs are a step in the right direction – Christian Today”

The Scottish state’s reckless war on parents – Sp!ked

The American comic Groucho Marx said that politics is the art of ‘looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies’. This cynical observation rings true when you consider recent diktats on parenting pushed by Scotland’s political elites. Holyrood’s legislation on the family has become increasingly authoritarian. In 2014, ScotsContinue reading “The Scottish state’s reckless war on parents – Sp!ked”