Trans policies spell trouble for the Scottish Government

Over the last decade, Scotland’s SNP administration has seemed almost untouchable. A combination of factors including a majority at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, a fractured and toothless opposition, and public disengagement from the political process has seen the party pursue whatever legislative programme it wants, without proper scrutiny. Failings have frequently been glossed over despiteContinue reading “Trans policies spell trouble for the Scottish Government”

Scotland’s failing new establishment

In the last ten years, the Scottish Parliament has churned out some poor legislation. Needless laws – generally in the sphere of social policy – have been cooked up in consultation with favoured lobbyists within Holyrood’s miniscule political bubble and ramrodded through a parliament that is largely toothless given the dominance of Scotland’s ruling party.Continue reading “Scotland’s failing new establishment”

Stop meddling and focus on drugs

The alarming scale of drug-related deaths in Scotland has again been laid bare. 1,330 people lost their lives last year – nine less people than in 2020. The Scottish Government believes this is something of a victory. Its press release ‘welcomed an end to seven annual increases in drugs deaths’. I doubt the loved onesContinue reading “Stop meddling and focus on drugs”

Call a doctor, our government isn’t well

There are days when I despair of Scottish politics. Today is one of those days. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen a government minister launch an astonishing attack on gender critical feminists. And we’ve learnt that our esteemed political leaders think teenagers should be able to stand as MSPs. These incidents serve to illustrateContinue reading “Call a doctor, our government isn’t well”

Scotland’s sorry political system

In the last decade, Holyrood has produced some truly poor legislation. From the notorious Offensive Behaviour at Football Act famously referred to as “mince” by one Sheriff, to the Hate Crime Act that has drawn warnings from every corner of Scottish society for threatening to extinguish free expression, policy-making has not always been a strongContinue reading “Scotland’s sorry political system”