Letter: Yes, safeguards will fail

Sir – I wish to reiterate my conviction that safeguards in a Scottish assisted suicide law will fail. Not due to some baseless premonition, as Iain Stuart suggests (Letters, September 4), but rather due to logic – every human system inherently involves error, including healthcare. And because of evidence from Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, andContinue reading “Letter: Yes, safeguards will fail”

Letter: suicide is always a tragedy

Sir – I’m grateful to Moira Symons for taking the time to reply to my letter on assisted suicide (Show both sides of euthanasia debate, 17 August) and put forward her own views on this complex and emotive issue. I’ll begin my response on a point of agreement. I echo Ms Symons’ call for moreContinue reading “Letter: suicide is always a tragedy”

The faithful must herald a better path than assisted suicide

Letter responding to Rabbi Jonathan Romain’s article in The Sunday Times. It is sad to see Rabbi Jonathan Romain adding his voice to the UK’s assisted suicide campaign. In his article he cites personal experience, limitations in end-of-life care, celebrity and political endorsement, and public opinion as reasons why people with a terminal diagnosis shouldContinue reading “The faithful must herald a better path than assisted suicide”

The sacred and social media

Letter to the Big Issue, responding to the Editor’s Letter of 14 November 2022. In his most-recent Editor’s letter, Paul McNamee made the connection between a decline in Christian adherence and quasi-religious fervour for social media. It put me in mind of a quote by Australian theologian Michael Bird, who contends that human societies neverContinue reading “The sacred and social media”