Small boats bill threatens the most marginalised

Earlier this week, the UK Government announced new legislation designed to address the perilous situation on the English Channel, where thousands of people are entering the UK on small boats. The Illegal Migration Bill would place a legal duty on the Home Secretary to remove people who have entered Britain illegally. Legislation of this kind has longContinue reading “Small boats bill threatens the most marginalised”

Ukraine war poses acute human trafficking threat

Hundreds of thousands of desperate people are pouring over the Ukrainian border to escape the ravages of war. Current estimates suggest as many as a million have travelled to neighbouring countries so far. These people are grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters. A month ago, their lives looked very much like our own, the mediocrity ofContinue reading “Ukraine war poses acute human trafficking threat”

West must respond to Afghan human trafficking threat

The crisis in Afghanistan is tragic to behold. Citizens, desperate to excape the incumbent Taliban regime, have swarmed the airport at Kabul. They cling to the undercarriage of military jets, swamp the stairways to passenger planes, and hand their babies to complete strangers, hopeful that they will end up somewhere safe. The fear of reprisals,Continue reading “West must respond to Afghan human trafficking threat”

OnlyFans pornography u-turn is case study in corporate greed

On Wednesday, online streaming platform OnlyFans announced that a decision to curb sexually explicit content has been reversed. In a statement posted on Twitter, the site, which has become one of the world’s largest platforms for pay-for-view pornographic content, said it will “continue to provide a home for all creators”. The move towards a banContinue reading “OnlyFans pornography u-turn is case study in corporate greed”