Easter offers hope to weary souls

There’s a saying in Scotland: ‘it’s a sair fecht’. Essentially, it means ‘life’s hard’. We use it when we’re feeling frustrated or worn out. And let’s face it: we all do, at times. Most of us travel through our days at lightspeed, rushing from work, to exercise, to family duties, to socialising, and collapsing inContinue reading “Easter offers hope to weary souls”

The peace we crave: 2022 reflection

The end of each year offers a chance for reflection and 2022 has certainly given us much to contemplate. At the start January, the UK was emerging from an unprecedented and very difficult pandemic period. Just as normal life was starting to resume, news broke of war in Europe – Putin’s army had invaded Ukraine.Continue reading “The peace we crave: 2022 reflection”

Saka: faith in the spotlight

It’s rare to find a Scotland fan cheering on an England player in any national sporting competition, let alone a World Cup where our own squad is sitting, dejectedly, at home. However, this Scot was doing exactly that this week. Not, I would hasten to add, because of English footballing prowess. I’ll be as FrenchContinue reading “Saka: faith in the spotlight”