Republicans need free speech too

Police action against anti-monarchist protesters has come under the spotlight this week. On Sunday, a young woman was arrested in Edinburgh after holding up a sign with a swear word on it stating, “abolish monarchy”. She has now been charged with an offence and faces a hefty fine or even imprisonment. Her arrest followed an incident involvingContinue reading “Republicans need free speech too”

It pays to put the phone down

Last week, I landed back at my desk after 14 brilliant days of holiday, which I spent seeing extended family in Ireland and completing a five-day hike in the Highlands. Holidays are meant to be restorative. A chance to leave behind the stresses of working life, and recuperate physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m glad toContinue reading “It pays to put the phone down”

Shouldn’t Sandyford shut too?

We are sorry you didn’t enjoy your experience with us, please provide us with more feedback so we can do better in future. You may expect this kind of response from a hotel, or an airline, after you complain about shoddy service. But how would you feel if it was offered by a hospital, followingContinue reading “Shouldn’t Sandyford shut too?”

Stop meddling and focus on drugs

The alarming scale of drug-related deaths in Scotland has again been laid bare. 1,330 people lost their lives last year – nine less people than in 2020. The Scottish Government believes this is something of a victory. Its press release ‘welcomed an end to seven annual increases in drugs deaths’. I doubt the loved onesContinue reading “Stop meddling and focus on drugs”

The troubling case of Graham Mansfield

The deeply upsetting case of a man who killed his terminally ill wife made headlines at the weekend. Graham Mansfield slit his wife Dyanne’s throat in their back garden before turning the knife on himself and ingesting drugs. He later called the police to turn himself in. Last week, he was told he will avoidContinue reading “The troubling case of Graham Mansfield”

Delay to gambling reforms will harm most vulnerable

Plans to overhaul UK gambling laws have been delayed for a fourth time, due to infighting in the Conservative Party. The Guardian reports that senior advisors to the UK Government told Boris Johnson not to sign off a long-awaited whitepaper on reform, despite it being ready for approval days before he announced his resignation. They believe theContinue reading “Delay to gambling reforms will harm most vulnerable”

Time to end downright discrimination in abortion laws

Disability rights campaigner Heidi Carter is spearheading a legal challenge against the British state over “discrimination” in abortion law. Heidi, who has Down’s Syndrome, says it’s wrong that legislation in England and Wales singles out people like her by permitting abortion up to birth if a baby is thought to have a disability. The legal limit for abortionContinue reading “Time to end downright discrimination in abortion laws”

Universities must reckon with free speech crisis – P&J

A new study suggests more undergraduate students than ever before support strong restrictions on free speech. The Higher Education Policy Institute asked 1,000 students at UK universities about free speech issues, and compared the results with an identical survey in 2016. Most respondents believed one or more political groups should be banned from speaking at universities. NotContinue reading “Universities must reckon with free speech crisis – P&J”