Loved ones have taught me the importance of epilepsy week

It’s National Epilepsy Week 2022. Until the 29th of May, charity Epilepsy Scotland is raising awareness of the condition and communicating the positive message that people can ‘Excel with Epilepsy’. When I noticed this campaign on social media, I was delighted to see it. Epilepsy has a special resonance in my life because two people close toContinue reading “Loved ones have taught me the importance of epilepsy week”

Khan is wrong about cannabis

Sadiq Khan has announced a commission to examine the effectiveness of UK drugs laws, with a particular focus on cannabis. The Mayor of London, recently returned from a trip to California to promote investment in the capital after COVID-19, appears to believe legalising ‘weed’ could be part of ‘building back better’. The newly-appointed London Drugs Commission, chairedContinue reading “Khan is wrong about cannabis”

Time to tackle off the rails fans: P&J

Who among us has not encountered inconsiderate behaviour on a train? The man who insists on a loud phone call in the quiet coach. The woman tucking into an egg mayonnaise sandwich. The pensioner who has kicked off his shoes and socks. These behaviours are common, and annoying. We endure them, with a sigh. Sometimes,Continue reading “Time to tackle off the rails fans: P&J”

Porn loving MPs don’t get my vote

Reports of an MP watching pornography during a House of Commons debate have elicited a huge backlash. The accusation, against a male Tory MP, is understood to have been made during a meeting of the 2022 – the female grouping of the Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee. Women across the political spectrum have since decried theContinue reading “Porn loving MPs don’t get my vote”

Defending free speech

I’ve taken up a position on the Scottish Advisory Council of the Free Speech Union (FSU). Others joining the Council include Jim Sillars, Peter Kearney, Joanna Cherry QC MP, Jenny Lindsay, Murdo Fraser MSP, Neil Thin, and Iain Macwhirter. The FSU is a non-partisan, mass membership organisation that provides legal support to people whose speechContinue reading “Defending free speech”

Call a doctor, our government isn’t well

There are days when I despair of Scottish politics. Today is one of those days. In the last 24 hours, we’ve seen a government minister launch an astonishing attack on gender critical feminists. And we’ve learnt that our esteemed political leaders think teenagers should be able to stand as MSPs. These incidents serve to illustrateContinue reading “Call a doctor, our government isn’t well”

‘No-fault’ divorce is not something to celebrate – The Critic

From Wednesday 6 April, “no-fault” divorces will be allowed in England and Wales. Under new legislation, brought forward by the ‘Conservative’ Government in 2020, a person will be able to simply walk away from their marriage, no reason given. Unilateral divorce on demand. Voices are now calling for this change to be rolled out acrossContinue reading “‘No-fault’ divorce is not something to celebrate – The Critic”

Scotland’s sorry political system

In the last decade, Holyrood has produced some truly dire legislation. From the notorious Offensive Behaviour at Football Act famously referred to as “mince” by one Sheriff, to the Hate Crime Act that has drawn warnings from every corner of Scottish society for threatening to extinguish free expression, policymaking has not exactly been a strongpoint.Continue reading “Scotland’s sorry political system”

Ukraine war poses acute human trafficking threat

Hundreds of thousands of desperate people are pouring over the Ukrainian border to escape the ravages of war. Current estimates suggest as many as a million have travelled to neighbouring countries so far. These people are grandparents, parents, brothers, and sisters. A month ago, their lives looked very much like our own, the mediocrity ofContinue reading “Ukraine war poses acute human trafficking threat”

Porn’s chilling trajectory

This week, a charity that counters child sexual exploitation warned of more people seeking help for attraction to child pornography. The Lucy Faithful Foundation reports that 165,000 people in the UK and Ireland contacted its anonymous helpline ‘Stop It Now!’ over child sexual attraction in 2021 – a rise of 107%. Donald Findlater, Director ofContinue reading “Porn’s chilling trajectory”