Scotland’s brand new blasphemy law – The Critic

There is mounting concern these days about the erosion of free speech, a fundamental right in democratic societies. In the UK and abroad, we’ve witnessed the advent of so-called ‘cancel culture’, a chilling spectacle where individuals who express opinions outside of a narrow political orthodoxy are savagely attacked online and rendered cultural outcasts. Habitually weContinue reading “Scotland’s brand new blasphemy law – The Critic”

Free to Disagree

In 2020, Jamie took forward the Free to Disagree campaign, bringing together a broad coalition of groups and individuals to oppose the Scottish Government’s Hate Crime and Public Order Bill. Alongside other critics, the campaign succeeded in winning significant amendments to the hate crime bill including the removal of vague provisions on ‘inflammatory material’ and theaterContinue reading “Free to Disagree”

The Scottish state’s reckless war on parents – Sp!ked

The American comic Groucho Marx said that politics is the art of ‘looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies’. This cynical observation rings true when you consider recent diktats on parenting pushed by Scotland’s political elites. Holyrood’s legislation on the family has become increasingly authoritarian. In 2014, ScotsContinue reading “The Scottish state’s reckless war on parents – Sp!ked”

Scotland’s smacking ban turns parents into criminals – Sp!ked

The Scottish parliament voted last week to outlaw parental smacking by a margin of 84 to 29. The result was unsurprising given the growing clamour for a ban among Scotland’s chattering classes in recent years. Green MSP John Finnie’s private member’s bill abolished the defence of ‘reasonable chastisement’. It won the support of individual politicians and, eventually,Continue reading “Scotland’s smacking ban turns parents into criminals – Sp!ked”

Smacking ban: Why MSPs are making a mistake if they approve it – The Scotsman

The Scottish Government recently announced a raft of measures to “further strengthen the family law system”. Community Safety Minister Ash Denham will take forward a ‘Family Justice Modernisation Strategy’, which sets out additional work to improve the operation of family justice through secondary legislation, guidance and longer-term work. Announcing the proposals, Ms Denham said “familyContinue reading “Smacking ban: Why MSPs are making a mistake if they approve it – The Scotsman”