There’s worse to come in Scotland than the Hate Crime Bill

The Scottish Government has courted controversy with its social policy agenda: sweeping hate crime legislation, and gender recognition changes that undermine women’s rights. But what’s coming down the tracks at Holyrood looks even more troubling. In fact, the next item on the agenda could be one of the most controversial seen since devolution. Following activists’ demands, politicians’ promisesContinue reading “There’s worse to come in Scotland than the Hate Crime Bill”

Saka: faith in the spotlight

It’s rare to find a Scotland fan cheering on an England player in any national sporting competition, let alone a World Cup where our own squad is sitting, dejectedly, at home. However, this Scot was doing exactly that this week. Not, I would hasten to add, because of English footballing prowess. I’ll be as FrenchContinue reading “Saka: faith in the spotlight”

Gambling with lives: govt failings leave punters at the mercy of big betting

It’s been a tumultuous year in British politics, with two leadership contests in the space of just a few months, after an outpouring of public anger about the transgressions of Boris Johnson. To the politically disinterested, news of infighting, backbiting, and chaos inside the corridors of power will have been a tiresome spectacle. Something toContinue reading “Gambling with lives: govt failings leave punters at the mercy of big betting”

Against the assisted suicide Groundhog Day

Earlier today, it was announced that a parliamentary inquiry into assisted suicide will take place next year, with a particular focus on the experience of other countries that have introduced the practice. The Commons Health and Social Care Committee will hear evidence from doctors, campaigners, and the wider public before presenting a set of recommendationsContinue reading “Against the assisted suicide Groundhog Day”

The sacred and social media

Letter to the Big Issue, responding to the Editor’s Letter of 14 November 2022. In his most-recent Editor’s letter, Paul McNamee made the connection between a decline in Christian adherence and quasi-religious fervour for social media. It put me in mind of a quote by Australian theologian Michael Bird, who contends that human societies neverContinue reading “The sacred and social media”

Why won’t judges condemn disability discrimination?

Today, England’s Court of Appeal rejected a case against the UK Government’s Department of Health and Social Care focusing on “downright discrimination” in abortion law. Disability activist Heidi Crowter, 27, who has Down’s syndrome, fronted the legal challenge, which sought to remove a section of the Abortion Act permitting terminations past the legal limit ofContinue reading “Why won’t judges condemn disability discrimination?”

Trans policies spell trouble for the Scottish Government

Over the last decade, Scotland’s SNP administration has seemed almost untouchable. A combination of factors including a majority at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood, a fractured and toothless opposition, and public disengagement from the political process has seen the party pursue whatever legislative programme it wants, without proper scrutiny. Failings have frequently been glossed over despiteContinue reading “Trans policies spell trouble for the Scottish Government”

Scotland’s failing new establishment

In the last ten years, the Scottish Parliament has churned out some poor legislation. Needless laws – generally in the sphere of social policy – have been cooked up in consultation with favoured lobbyists within Holyrood’s miniscule political bubble and ramrodded through a parliament that is largely toothless given the dominance of Scotland’s ruling party.Continue reading “Scotland’s failing new establishment”

Scotland’s reckless gender bill

Unnecessary, unworkable, and unpopular laws have become a bad habit for Scotland’s “progressive” establishment. In the last decade, political elites have cooked up various, ill-devised initiatives in consultation with their chic coterie of allies in the Holyrood bubble. There was the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act – famously described as “mince” by one Sheriff and repealed afterContinue reading “Scotland’s reckless gender bill”